T E A C H I N G 

Verity is as passionate about teaching singing as she is performing.  Her teaching has a strong technical basis, aiming to dispel many of the common myths surrounding classical vocal technique. She uses elements of yoga and pilates as well as Accent Method Breathing exercises to address the singing body as a whole, tailoring each lesson to the pupil, no matter what age or stage. Her natural empathy and ability to draw upon her pupils’ personal interests aims to to instil a lifelong love of singing beyond the teaching room.

Committed to continuing professional development, Verity is grateful for the mentorship of Dr Jenevora Williams, leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching and the first singing teacher to be awarded a PhD in voice science in the UK. In 2019 Verity will  begin an MA in Voice Pedagogy in partnership with the University of Wales and Voiceworkshop.  

As well as teaching singing, Verity also has experience leading choirs, and teaching music theory (including academic music up to A Level) and beginners piano. She has a UK driving license and a full DBS.

Verity teaches peripatetically and from home in North West London. For further information, rates or a consultation lesson please do not hesitate to contact her here.

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